There are over 10 mosques in Cardiff, but the mosques the majority of the students visit Dar-ul-Isra (C on the map) and Al-Manar (B on the map).

University Prayer Rooms

As well as mosques there are also facilities available within the uni to pray

Heath Park Campus

Building Room Time Location
Main Hospital Alun Roberts Meeting Room 9-10am Main Building, UHW
Main Hospital Surgery seminar 3.30-5pm Main Building, UHW

Cathays Park Campus

Building Room Time Location
Humanities 0.05 All day Humanities Building
Queens South S2.28 All day Queen’s Building
Main Building 0.52 1-2pm Main Building
Main Building 0.53 1-2pm Main Building
Trevithick S/2.238(A) Computer Science Annexe All day Engineering
Trevithick All day Computer Science
Glamorgan -1.77 1-2pm Glamorgan Building